Arthakusalin means ‘he who is skilful with regard to the riches of the spiritual goal’. It is a conversion of the Pali word attakusalena, found in the first verse of the Karaniya Metta Sutta, into Sanskrit – the language in which the Bodhisattva ideal is sung.

Arthakusalin was ordained into the Triratna Order in November 2005. Since September 2012, he is working in the Ghent Sangha of the worldwide Triratna community.

Being an earthworm…

Being an earthworm is a very high ideal. Earthworms dig under the foundations of the existing order, and the earthworm is a very humble, insignificant creature. But if enough little earthworms burrow under the foundations of even the tallest and strongest buildings, they will loosen the soil, so that the soil will start to crumble and the foundations will start to sink.

If enough earthworms connect in a network of spiritual communities of individuals (not individualists!) then the present world problems can collapse and humanity as a whole can move to a new stage of evolution. Therefore, it is the duty of every right-thinking person to seriously consider the Buddhist view of world problems.

Sangharakshita in Evolution or Extinction