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Chapter 1: As if in a hammock among the stars

°°Kisa Gotami: This woman lost her son and despair and grief made her look for help to revive her child. Finally, she came to the Buddha who promised to help her on condition that she brought a mustard seed from a house where no one had died. She wandered around looking and hoping, but in every house someone had died…

°°…set me aside on a seat prepared for me: from the translation of the Pali canon into Dutch by Jan de Breet and Rob Janssen

Chapter 2: Soften me in my brothers and sisters

°°dharmacari: male Order member of Triratna – female: dharmacarini. Means “walker in the Dharma”.

°° White Tara: Bodhisattva associated with long life. Amitabha: Buddha of Infinite Love

Chapter 3: Brushwood

°°Dhamma or Dharma: here in the sense of vision and teaching of the Buddha

Chapter 4 : Changing of the Guards

°°chapter: regular assembly of local Order members based on their devotion to Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

°°Dhammapada: one of the best known Buddhist scriptures in verse; part of the Khuddaka-Nikaya of the Pali canon

°°Mi gruwelt dat ic leve: quote from Hadewijch in Song 16. Hadewijch is one of the first mystical writers of the Low Countries. Means something like ‘it terrifies me to be alive’ – ‘it horrors me to be alive’

Chapter 5: Mother

°°Brother Isidore: became known especially for his intense prayer life, his charity and simplicity. His place of pilgrimage is in Kortrijk.

Chapter 6: The Sweet Sound of Just Yes

°°Buddharupa: Buddha Image

Chapter 7: Being able to receive

°°The three places of refuge: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Chapter 8: In the Mouth of the Buddha

A Chapter Not Counted: The White Lady of the Still Lake. A Confession in Prayer.

°°Ophelia: Painting by John Everett Millais

°°Augustine: bishop of Hippo, church father, 4th-5th century AD

°°overvaeren: sailing over, but in the spelling that Hadewijch used, among other things

°°khusa grass: has long been used as a sacred plant in various traditions. According to early Buddhist sources, the Buddha was sitting on this grass when he Awakened

Chapter 10: Sitting under a tree

°°Westerbegraafplaats: well-known cemetery in Ghent


Kalyanagita on gamba (first Beata Viscara after a short tuning) and then Love’s Farewell

and guitar (an Amitabha-mantra composed by her)